Author: Duncan Saunders

Dinosaurs, Aliens And The Shop That Sells Everything

Fantastic story for young and old alike - An Amazon reviewer
Duncan Saunders

Duncan Saunders has done many things in his life: As well as being a writer, he has been a teacher, a wrestler, a Church youthworker, a carer, a charity worker and a martial arts instructor. However, his first job was working in a shop and that is what inspired his first book, "Dinosaurs, Aliens and The Shop That Sells Everything."

Duncan lives in the shadow of the Uffington White Horse, sharing his wizardly tower with his long suffering wife, sons and cat. He enjoys war games, card games, dice games and board games; if it's a game, there's a chance he'll play it. Duncan is partial to Indian food and real ale, and will accept donations of either.

Duncan's literary influences include Roald Dahl, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and G.P Taylor. Duncan's writing technique is described as "staring out of the window, thinking "what if..." and writing down the results." His aim is to provide a sense of mystery and adventure in his writing, and to inspire future generations.