• John Reid
    Greater Manchester, UK

    John was born in Scotland and currently lives and works as a primary school teacher in Greater Manchester

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  • Andrew McIntosh
    West Sussex, UK

    Andy is from Southbourne in West Sussex, where he lives with his wife, two children and a cat called Neebs.

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  • J. Lee Dodson

    J. Lee Dodson is an author specialising in the horror genre.

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  • Duncan Saunders
    Oxfordshire, UK

    Duncan Saunders has done many things in his life: As well as being a writer, he has been a teacher, a wrestler, a Church youthworker, a carer, a charity worker and a martial arts instructor.

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  • Claire Kinton
    Lincolnshire, UK

    Claire Kinton is an adventurous new author from Lincoln, England. Dead Game, her allegorical debut novel is the first book in 'The Game Trilogy' and with a global, spiritual revolution stirring; her story could not be more apt for our time.

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